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Don’t smoke kids. JORIK’s black cotton “Cigarettes” hoodie has a relaxed fit, metal eyelets without the strings, yellow lines representing the brand logo on the back and a picture of cigarettes in that same pattern on the front.
The grey cotton JORIK’s “Make it rain” sweater has a relaxed fit, blue with black Jorik front lettering and a blue with black make it rain box on the back.
All great style icons once wore one. JORIK’s “Out of the box” blue denim jacket has lines contained in a’ box logo’, representing the rhythm of life, stitched in yellow on the front and printed in white on the back.
The JORIK’s black “Box logo” hoodie has a boxy fit, a white box logo on the front and features metal eyelets without the strings.
Here pictured: a T-shirt with JORIK's logo. This Tee has a relaxed fit, is made from the finest grey melee cotton, has black front lettering and an actual box logo on the back.
The vintage violet cotton JORIK’s “3D logo” hoodie has a relaxed fit, black with pink front lettering, metal eyelets without the strings and the JORIK brand logo on the back representing the rhythm of life.

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